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Re: PC: Brunswick Green?

> I am glad to see the proper term being used here, i.e. DGLE, also sometimes
> officially referred to as Dark Green Locomotive Finish. The Railroad never

I have always thought that the term "Dark Green" was a bit of an
understatement. :^)  To be correct, it should be *Really* Dark Green, or
Slighlty Green Black. :^)

> used the term Brunswick Green, as far I as I know. If someone knows
> otherwise, please enlighten us all.

About 15 years ago while in college I was shown by a friend two paint
chips. All here-say evidence, but he stated that one was from a PRR
GP9, and the other was from something else.  The GP9 chip displayed the
slightly green, but obviously not black color of DGLE.  The other chip he
stated was "Brunswick Green", and it more closely resembled Hunter Green
found on our favorite railroad's passenger cars.

Now, we can start a debate on whether or not "Hunter Green" is the proper
name for the "Dark Green Passenger Enamel". :^)

Enameling passengers may have been the cause of declining ridership.

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