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Re: PC: Re: Speaking of color...........

>   My information shows that some GP-40's were painted with the orange C and
> one ex hew haven RS3.
>   The red P was put on sporadically on repaints sometime in
> 1969.....approximately 100 units.......I have a listing on which unirs were
> repainted in this manner.

Penn Central Power has a decent listing of what units were painted with
each of these special logos.

The PC Color Guide (PCCG) has a chronology of paint information at the
beginning. Apparently the red P, orange C logos were short lived, start of
the merger type ideas.  I think management decided that acknowledgement of
the predecessor roads was conducive to the split mentality and
counterproductive in the efforts to join the two rads.

The PCCG doesn't have as complete a roster of cars bearing the multi
colored logos. The book does show a few cars with the logos, though.

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