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Re: PC: Speculative Modelling

Had the PC survived, this is a probable scenario....

1) Chessie and N&W merge (remember C&O re-numbered it's U-boats in the early
70's to fit them with N&W's roster...they talked for quite awhile about
merger, but the PC flop made the merger unnecessary)

2) Family Lines, unable to merge northward, merges with SP (another merger
that was negotiated for a long time but eventually FL looked to Chessie

3) Suddenly, transcontinental mergers are set off...Family Lines + SP,
Chessie/N&W + UP (N&W and UP were always friendly), PC + Santa Fe (NYC and
Santa Fe were historically close) and BN + Southern (the only Eastern partner

But what about the other Northeast lines?

Reading, CNJ, EL and D&H become part of Chessie/N&W (because Chessie and N&W
had partial ownership and/or control of these roads before the PC fall)

How about that!!!

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