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Re: PC: HO U23B Question: Substitute U30B or U33B?

In a message dated 98-02-20 08:33:24 EST, you write:

> Sorry to ask you all this, but I would like to model three of the 2700
>  series U23Bs. Would an Athearn U30B be an acceptable stand-in, or would a
>  U33B with the rear "wings" trimmed down be better? I can't really tell from
>  my pictures. Thanks in advance!
>  Ed

Generally I think it would be better to use the U30B. I think the grilles
under the radiators are ok, but since GE has/had the habit of changing
the grilles from time to time they may not be depending on the unit. If
you need different grilles from the ones on the U30, remove the radiator
section and change out the grille area. I did some MEC U18 kit bashes
and needed the U33 grilles and the U30 radiator and this worked fine for


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