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Re: PC: PC/PRR Corrugated 50' Gondolas (HO)

In a message dated 98-02-10 10:43:15 EST, you write:

>  Does anybody make the ex-PRR/ex-PC "corrugated" gons in plastic?
>  Ed

no. Both Walthers and E&C make 52' corrugated gons but they don't
resemble the PRR/PC gons too much. The Walthers is closer however.
But you make the kit look more like a G43 gon by carefully removing the 
the last two corrugated panels from each side, along with the ladders.
Use evergreen styrene to make the top chord thicker and add new ladders.
Make some sheet styrene panels for the logo's and paint to suit.

This probably isn;t too clear, but if you compare the kit to the photo
in the PC color guide I think you can see it clearer.....

Doug Trueblood

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