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PC: Re: PC Color Guide

The MU cars were green when they had the 'M', but it wasn't a prefix 
on the number. I considered the 'motor' designation, but all 1000 and 
1100 MU cars were delivered as power cars, there were no trailers. I 
think the 'owned by MTA' explanation is more likely.

(I did once ride on a set that became 'unpowered'. The train had lost 
all third rail shoes on one side, so we had to coast through sections 
where the rail was on the opposite side. It worked well until we 
stopped in a station where the third rail was on the wrong side. We 
had to wait an hour for the following train to catch up and push us 
the rest of the way to Harmon.)

Peter King in NY 
>The "M" may have ment MTA if the MU's were silver and blue. The "M" 

>Prefix stood for "MOTOR" (self-propelled car) as NYC RDC's used the 
>prefix on all RDC such as M-497, etc. Under MTA the "M" was dropped 

>and just numbered 497, etc. No LIRR MU's ever carried the M on MP75 

>cars which are similar to NYC 1100 series.


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