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PC: PC Color Guide

Gene Fusco wrote:

>One additional comment. Between _Penn_Central_Power_ and 
>I don't seem to recall mention of several types of PC equipment. I 
>thinking it would show up in the passenger section.  The MP54's, all 
>RDC's and the Metroliners are missing.  Any thoughts on why these 
>are missing?  All are slef propelled passenger equipment, so they 
may just
>fall between the cracks between motive power and passenger cars.

The PC color guide excludes most powered equipment. (Except the jet 
snowblower, pickup truck and tug boat.) Even Burro cranes were not 
included. I really wouldn't expect the MU equipment in there.

On the other hand, I DO think it's an ommission from the PC Power 
guide, especially the RDCs. However, I don't think we're likely to se 
a revision of the book, or even another printing.

On a related note, during the PC era, some of the 1000 and 1100 
series MU cars had an 'M' in the middle of the car. (This was when 
they were painted in the PC green scheme.)  I once asked a conductor 
what it meant, but he couldn't tell me.  The 'M's disappeared when 
the cars were repainted blue and silver.

On another related note, one of the older 1000 series MU cars 
outlasted it's bretheren by a while. A group of commuters hired it as 
a private car. It was assigned to a particular train, and only the 
group could ride in it. Not sure of the number, or how it was 
equipped inside.

Peter King in NY

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