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PC: PC Color Guide

I know several others have already commented on this new book, but
I fell compelled to put in my $.02 worth...

WOW!  :^)

Talk about a fantastic book.  Beautiful color photos, high quality
printing and probably just about every class of rolling stock PC
used.  My wife, who is only marginally interested in trains even found 
this book to be interesting.  Now to get the color guides for NYC, NH and
PRR vol 1 & 2.  Ouch.

On the plus side, all Penn Central fans have a new addition to their
modeling reference library.  If you don't have this book, get it! 

On the minus side, quite a boit of the freelanced PC equipment I have on my
layout will soon be headed to the paint shops...  This book points out
where I have taken quite a few liberties, or misinterpreted personal and
magazine photographs.

One additional comment. Between _Penn_Central_Power_ and _PC_Color_Guide_
I don't seem to recall mention of several types of PC equipment. I was
thinking it would show up in the passenger section.  The MP54's, all the 
RDC's and the Metroliners are missing.  Any thoughts on why these classes
are missing?  All are slef propelled passenger equipment, so they may just
fall between the cracks between motive power and passenger cars.

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