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Re: PC: PC green

Seth Lakin wrote:
> Now with the release of the "Penn-Central Color Guide to Freight and
> Passenger Equipment" (I got mine yesterday)again arises the issue of
> what color is PC green.  
>  Did each shop have its own idea of what PC green is or was this color on sale for the day of the painting, and PC used it.
> Seth Lakin
> Chesterton IN
> MP 481 NYC Chicago mainline
It was probably one standard Jade Green color, but paint does funny
things after you factor in environment and quality issues. Sometimes one
batch of paint isn't quite up to par and it fades quicker, or doesn't
stick as well.
It can also matter just who you get the paint from. Different
manufacturers will mix the pigments in different manners, and there's
the variation. It's like if you go to paint the bathroom and get your
color from the local paint store. You go to work, find out that you
don't have enough paint, run back to the now-closed paint store, and end
up buying the rest of the paint from your local Gargantuan-Mart. Another
collorary is in hobby paint makers. One brand of (for example) Santa Fe
Red may not be red enough, while another may be too orangey after it
Too, a car which spent most of it's career in NW Indiana is going to
look different from one that spent most of it's time in Upper New York
State. The Work environment, maker differences, and batch quality all
have a part to play in the color game.

Steve Vargo

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