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PC: Paint Primer

I thought I would share something with the PC list that I have beeen 
trying out recently when painting models.

I am now priming my models with Plasti-kote #150S "Similar Chrome", 
instead of a grey primer. The reason behind this is it allows me to show 
paint lost at "wear points" on the carbody (ie door latches, slides, 
hinges, steps, and ladders) through everyday service. This gives the 
effect of bare metal underneath. If I make a mistake (ie:when demasking) 
or the top coat of paint gets nicked, who cares? It looks very realistic.

As a brakeman, I can definitely tell you that only cars  six months of 
age or less look virginally pristine!

This paint is an acrylic enamel and works equally well on brass or 
plastic. Even PC and NYC jade green cover it well by the second pass with 
an airbrush.

It is readily available at Home Hardware stores in Canada for $3.99.

Product: Plasti-Kote Odds 'n' Ends Fast Dry Spray Enamel
Manufacturer: Plasti-Kote Company Inc.
                         1000 Lake Rd, Medina, OH, 44256

Adrian & Kim Telizyn
4-10716 98th St

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8912 81A Street


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