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Re: PC: Remembrance

> At the layout next to ours Richard Reed outdid my efforts with a couple
> of real PC dog's breakfasts lashups, including a U33C complete with

Dog's breakfast.. I love that phrase. :^)  Anyway, on my layout, I ran a
few commemorative NYC/PRR turns. First out, NYC Sharks w/PRR coaches, then
a GG1 pulling some NYC coaches. I finally grabbed about 30 freight cars and
headed out with an NYC H-16-44, PC RS1 and PRR GP30. The problem was I 
managed to find a section of track that had recieved some "deferred 
maintenance", and spent the rest of the morning fixing a broken turnout...
So, my tribute turned out to be more fitting than I had originally planned.

After fixing the turnout, I wandered into town.  That's when I spotted
the ex-CR, ex-PC GP38-2 I was asking about earlier.

> the required B&A water bottle resting on the short hood and leafs
> plastered to the intake grills......

I have a U boat with a water jug on the nose. I havn't figured out
how to simulate the leaves stuck to the intakes yet. (At least not 

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