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Re: PC: Update and rememberance

perspective, but business reorganizations don't "just happen."  They are
also usually an effort by very well-off people to make a lot of other very
well-off people happy, sometimes at the expense of the railroaders driving
the spikes and moving the freight.  For me, memories of black diesels are
like faint dream images, as I was barely 5 years old when the black faded
to blue.  It is often difficult to reconcile my fascination with railroads
and their work with the realization that they are also big businesses just
like all the other big businesses that we often complain about.  (Is Bill
Gates the railroad robber baron of the late 20th century?)
	Anyway, happy birthday PC!  And long live those first and second-
generation diesels ...
Christian Axsiom
Geography Department
Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
Syracuse University
048 Eggers Hall
Syracuse, NY  13244
(315) 443-9025

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