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Re: PC: pc railroader

Regarding the cessation of RNE, I did receive a note from Mr. Reid 
offering certain excess items as recompense for the early termination. He 
had explained the reasons and I still have the letter if anyone is that 
interested. I have all the issues of PC Railroader, RNE, and PC Railfan 
if anyone needs any specific info out of them. I completed my collection 
through the Stephans Mail Auction which has ads in the major 
railfan/model publications. I think the editor of the PC Railfan was a 
Jerome Rosenfeld, whose name I have seen recently, possibly in this 

As for the founding of a PC Historical Society, I think it would be 
better termed a Support Group, given the general attitude toward the PC 
in fan circles. :-}

Keep the faith,

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