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Re: PC: PC Gondola Sighting, Boston MA

In a message dated 98-01-29 11:52:24 EST, you write:

> I saw a green PC gondola Monday night on the Conrail tracks above
>  Southhampton St. (near the South Bay KMart and Toys R' Us). It appeared to
>  have a load of pipes, and looked like another PC gon I saw there about
>  three weeks ago. I believe that it had a number like 582xxx or something
>  like that. The white PC lettering was quite clear, even though it was about
>  5:30 at night.
>  I couldn't stop, otherwise I would have gotten a closer look.
>  Ed

Would be on the springfield weekend when I can't get down that way.
bugger :^). If it's still there next week give me a shout ok?? Gotta get
pictures of that.


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